We offer one-on-one support for individual faculty and graduate students, as well as support for departments and programs.

Services for Faculty and Graduate Students

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Do you have questions about teaching and learning? Meet with our Faculty Developers to discuss any aspect of your teaching—from course design to specific activities, strategies, or ideas you want to try out in your class. We can meet with you to brainstorm, share resources and explore your questions. Email to schedule a consultation. 


Interested in gathering data on student learning or the student experience? An individual consultation can help you launch your assessment or education research project. Some specific topics that individual consultations can focus on include survey design, existing institutional data on student learning or the student experience, and conducting research in your classroom. Email Megan Sanders, Senior Assessment Associate, at to schedule a research and assessment consultation. 

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Interested in collecting student feedback midway through the semester? An Early Course Feedback (ECF) is a great way to hear from students about their learning experience in your course, and can give you valuable feedback in time to make adjustments during the semester! The ECF process involves three parts: a pre-ECF meeting with a Faculty Developer to discuss your course and any aspects you want feedback on, an ECF session where a Faculty Developer visits your class for 20-30 minutes to collect student feedback, and a post-ECF meeting to discuss the student feedback and next steps. You will also receive a written report containing the feedback. 

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Do you want to focus on improving an aspect of your teaching? Sign up for a classroom observation with a Trefny Center colleague. Observations involve three parts: a pre-observation planning session to identify aspects of your teaching that you are wanting to focus on or improve, a classroom observation by a Trefny colleague, and a post-observation debrief session to share feedback and brainstorm ideas. You will also receive a written report containing the feedback. Email to schedule an observation. 

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The HIVE Helps develop Instructional resources, Video and Educational media for the Mines community through our dedicated student-employee team. Take a look at the Resources and Tutorials available through the HIVE and enhance your in-person and online courses. 

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We can provide support for the assessment/evaluation component of grant proposals as well as the educational component, if it is serving Mines students. We are happy to schedule individual consultations with faculty to brainstorm. We can also serve as an external evaluator on proposals. For more information, see the grant support page or email us at

Services for Programs and departments

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Consultations can be helpful for departments and programs, too. Consultations at this level can focus on developing new curricula, reviewing student performance across course sequences, troubleshooting gaps in student skills, assessing the program, and preparing for accreditation. To schedule a consultation about curriculum design or review, email To schedule a consultation about program assessment or accreditation, email Megan Sanders, Senior Assessment Associate, at If you have questions about ABET specifically, please contact Vibhuti Dave, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, at

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We can help you gather feedback from students about their experiences in a program to gauge what is working well and what could be improved. Programs can include degree programs, but also other academic and extracurricular programs for students. Program-Level Student Focus Groups involve three parts: a pre-meeting with a Trefny colleague to discuss the program and what you would like feedback on, a 20-30 meeting with students and the Trefny colleague, and a post-focus group meeting to discuss the feedback and next steps. You will also receive a written report containing the feedback. To schedule a student focus group, email Megan Sanders, Senior Assessment Associate, at 

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If you are part of a group working on a campus-level initiative focused on teaching and learning, a Trefny colleague can provide valuable expertise in pedagogy, course and curriculum design, and assessment. If you are interested in having a Trefny colleague involved in a committee, email Deb Jordan, Director, and