The Trefny Center offers a range of programming around topics in teaching and learning. Please see below for a list of our upcoming workshops and other gatherings!


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Past Event Recordings

Accessible instruction for all students: Universal Design for Learning

Student Panel: What Mines Students Think of Generative AI and their Learning  

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 (90 minutes)

Event Description: How are Mines students thinking about and using generative AI in the classroom? How do they see it impacting their learning? Join us for this virtual webinar to hear perspectives from a panel of Mines undergraduates and graduate students. You’ll have a chance to ask our student panelists questions during the live Q&A!

Student Panel: Accessibility on Campus from the Student Perspective

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023 (90 minutes)

Event Description: What accessibility challenges have students faced in their courses and on campus? What strategies can faculty incorporate to make their courses more accessible to all students? A panel of students who have a disability will share their experiences and ways that faculty can support their learning. You’ll have a chance to hear from all panelists, as well as ask more specific questions during breakout groups.

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