Why should I do this? 

Clear and frequent communication is important for all students to be successful in classes. This clear communication becomes even more crucial if students are joining remotely and/or not able to ask clarifying questions during a scheduled class time. 


How should I do this?

First, consider the following questions: 

  • How should students notify you (e.g., e-mail, text, Canvas) if they want or need remote accommodations? 
  • How will you notify students (e.g., e-mail, Canvas announcement) if the course must suddenly go remote? 
  • How will you regularly communicate (e.g., syllabi, email, Canvas announcements) with students? 
  • How do you prefer remote students connect with you to ask questions and/or get help if they are unable to attend scheduled times for help (e.g., they are in a different time zone)? 
  • How frequently and through what means will you check in on remote students? 

Once you have determined the answers to these questions, determine how you will communicate these expectations to students. Options include: 

  • Describe these expectations in your syllabus 
  • Send an announcement in Canvas 
  • Discuss these expectations on the first day of class (and follow up with remote students)  

Continue to have regular communication throughout the course.  

  • Remind students of these communication expectations 
  • Send weekly announcements through Canvas with important information/updates
  • Provide opportunities for students to ask questions and get clarification. For example, create a discussion in Canvas that is a general Question and Answer board for course related questions.