Welcome to the start of the summer term! Clear and regular communication will help ensure that your course runs smoothly. Because communications in this remote environment (such as outlining expectations and due dates, assignment descriptions, etc.) are not always accompanied by a verbal explanation, it is crucial that the communication is clear and stands alone. Below are a few strategies that you can try this week and throughout your course.

Strategies to Implement This Week

  1. Encourage students to read the syllabus.
    • Recommendation: Keep referring to the syllabus throughout the course.
    • Recommendation: Check out these suggestions for ensuring that students read the syllabus.
  2. Share expectations for interacting productively in the online environment.
    • Recommendation: Modify and use this meeting etiquette in Zoom slide during online class sessions.
    • Recommendation: Let students know how to communicate with you, TAs, and other students in the course. For example, should students email you if they have questions? What is a reasonable response time? When are instructors and TAs available? Include this information in your syllabus and discuss these methods for communicating during the first week of class.
  3. Start class with an icebreaker
    • Recommendation: Set up a poll in Zoom with a fun question and ask students to vote or select one option. Example questions include: cats vs. dogs, would you rather explore space or the ocean? We encourage you to come up with your own questions!

If you are interested in learning more, or you have additional questions, visit the Continuity website or submit a meeting request hereKeep an eye out each week for more information and tips.