Learning Programs

Foundations of Course Design Intensive

Are you designing a new course or redesigning an existing course? During the Foundations of Course Design Intensive, we will work through the course design process and focus on 1) articulating your course vision and purpose, 2) developing course learning outcomes, 3) planning your summative assessments, and 4) outlining experiences to support student learning. The Foundations of Course Design Intensive prioritizes hands-on application and provides opportunities to receive feedback from peers and Trefny colleagues.

This intensive is offered during the summer and during the semester.

Teaching As Research Institute

Have you ever tried out a new strategy in your classroom and wondered how well it worked? Wanted to know which of two pedagogical approaches would be more effective? Or had a hunch that students who take your course in the spring need different supports than students who take it in the fall? If you are interested in systematically examining what’s going on in your classroom, please consider applying for the 3 day Teaching as Research Institute. We encourage participation regardless of discipline or prior experience with education research. After participating in the TAR Institute, you will be prepared to investigate the questions you have about student learning, motivation, or beliefs in your classroom, and the Trefny Center will be a resource for you in every part of the process. 


Engineering Learning Intensive Course Revision Program

The Summer Intensive Course Revision Program was offered from 2016–2018 with the goal to systemically and significantly enhance teaching and learning at Mines. Each year, a cohort of faculty was brought together in a multi-week intensive to learn, work both collaboratively and independently to focus on their teaching, learn new pedagogy techniques and course design theory, and to significantly revise a course that was  taught by the faculty member during the following school year. 


Participants and Projects

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First NameLast NameDepartmentCohort YearPoster
HendrattaAliWerth College2018Engineering Learner's Experience: Well Logging
AbdArkadanEENG & CSCI2018Fundamentals of Electric Machinery & The Tesla Effect
MichaelBarankinCBE2018Chemical Engineering Senior Design Intervention in Assessments
GeoffBrenneckaMME2018Processing and Properties of Ceramics
JurgenBruneMining2018Mine Plant Design
CynthiaNorrgranCBE2018Improving Learning Despite Misconceptions
BrandonDuganGeophysics2018Introduction to Rock Physics
SebnemDuzgunMining2018Big Data Analytics for Earth Resources, Sciences and Engineering
GeraldBourneMME2018Gerald Bourne
NanetteHodgeCBE2018Using a Systems Approach in Bioprocess Engineering
JayStrakerHASS2018Explorations in Comparative Literature
VentzislavKaraivanovMechE2018Introduction ot Solid Mechanics
DineshMehtaEENG & CSCI2018Making Computer Scientists Out of Programmers
WhitneyTrainor-GuittonGeophysics2018Training Next Generation Geophysicists to be Data Science Literate
GabrielWaltonGeology2018Quantitative Analysis of Rubric Data from Written Reports to Evaluate Communication Skills Development in an Engineering Geology Course
RoelSneiderGeophysics2018A Hands-on Experience In Research, Ethics, and Communication
QinZhuHASS2018A Hands-on Experience In Research, Ethics, and Communication
AhmadrezaHedayatCivil2017Civil and Construction Materials Course
MarkSegerChemistry2017Relevance – Making Connections
AngieSowerChemistry2017Relevance – Making Connections
AnthonyPetrellaMechE2017Merging Fundamentals with Innovation in Engineering Analysis and Design through Partnership with Local Industry
AshlynMunsonMath2017A Course Revision with 95% Confidence
BeckyLafrancoisEB2017Enhancing the Flipped-Learning Experience
MarkEberhartChemistry2017Seeding a Strategic Narrative
MansurErmilaPEGN2017Introduction to Formation Evaluation and Well Logging
GabrielWaltonGeology2017Engineering Geology
TracyGardnerCBE2017A Lesson Plan With Interactive & Constructive Learning Activities
JamalRostamiMining2017Tunnel and Shaft Construction Course Revision and Syllabus
JeramyZimmermanPhysics2017Bonding, Structure, & Crystallography Major Course Revision
EunhyeKimMining2017Design for Engineering, Earth Science, & Material Science Graduates
MarceloSimoesEENG2017Energy Systems and Power Electronics
MelissaKrebsCBE2017A Lesson Plan With Interactive & Constructive Learning Activities
UgurOzbayMining2017Effective Teaching of A Highly Theoretical Yet Significantly Empirical Course
RayZhangMechE2017Machine Design
RennieKaundaMining2017A Re-engineering of Learning Outcomes
RosmerBritoPEGN2017Project-based Learning Strategy
VibhutiDaveEENG2017Interactive Intentional In-Course Activities
AgataDeanMath2016Providing Students With Opportunities to Develop Spatial Skills for Success in Engineering
AllisonCasterChemistry2016Re:Active Chemistry
ReneeFalconerChemistry2016Re:Active Chemistry
DebraCarneyMath2016Calculus for Scientists and Engineers
RebeccaSwansonMath2016Calculus for Scientists and Engineers
ElizabethHolleyMining2016Revision of the Geology Curriculum for Mining Engineering Undergraduates
EricTobererPhysics2016Flipping The Upper Division: Solid State Physics
MelanieBrandtHASS2016NHV/EPICS Combo Course
GregRulifsonHASS2016NHV/EPICS Combo Course
HollyEcklundMath2016A New Delivery Model for MATH111 Spring 2017
JasonPorterMechE2016A New Interactive Course in Radiative Transfer
JefferyPaoneEENG & CSCI2016Programming Concepts
JeredDeanMath2016Great Students, Great Projects, Great Curriculum for 2016
JohnPersichettiCBE2016Evaluating & Revising EPIC 265
JosephHoranHASS2016Revising LAIS200 (Human Systems)
DerrickHudsonHASS2016Revising LAIS200 (Human Systems)
JoshRameyCBE2016Improving Course Alignment, Teamwork, and Understanding of Biological Applications in CBEN 110 FUNDAMENTALS OF BIOLOGY
KristineCallanPhysics2016Coming To Class Prepared To Engage In Introductory Mechanics
LindaBattaloraPEGN2016Creation of An Interactive Learner-centered Course and Laboratory Experience using the CSM Engineering Learning Design Process
MarkKuchtaMining2016A Student Led Group Project Based Approach to Graduate Learning
MikeMikuckiMath2016Designing Calculus
MikeNicholasMath2016Designing Calculus
YosefAllamEPICS2016Model For Consistent Content & Dynamic Delivery Across Sections
MirnaMattjikEPICS2016Model For Consistent Content & Dynamic Delivery Across Sections
RachelMorrishCBE2016Improving Conceptual Knowledge and Retention in Introduction to Engineering Thermodynamics
ScottHouserEB2016Hybrid Online Structure to Improve Engagement in Principles of Economics
StephanieClaussenEENG2016Fostering Conceptual Change And Modeling Abilities In Electrical Engineering Students
StevenDeCaluweMechE2016Making the Abstract Concrete via Interacting Learning Opportunities
SusantaSarkarPhysics2016Research-integrated Teaching of Graduate Statistical Mechanics Using Strategies of Education Research