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Pedagogy Seminars are lunchtime learning opportunities designed to expose faculty to important pedagogical practices, develop awareness of other teaching efforts on campus, and provide a venue for faculty and external experts to share and learn about best instructional practices. Lunch is provided at all Pedagogy Seminars for faculty who attend and participate in the session.​​ Pedagogy Seminars are the last Tuesday of the month from 12PM – 1PM.

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The submission deadline for the 2018 cohort has passed. Please consider applying for the 2019 program.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide focused time for a cohort of faculty to learn, work both collaboratively and independently to focus on their teaching, learn new pedagogy techniques and course design theory, and to significantly revise a course that will be taught by the faculty member during the 2018/19 school year. The overall intent is to significantly enhance the teaching and learning at Mines systemically. Each faculty member will be provided one-month of support (salary for the full month = 22 days of salary) in July/August 2018 to participate in this intense learning and working session. This summer session will include classes, readings, and time to work alongside pedagogy and curriculum experts as faculty design or revise a targeted course. There will also be intentional breaks woven in to the schedule to allow you to pause and apply the new learning to your own teaching plans.  You will be expected to participate in workshop and collaborative activities scheduled during the program, and to have the course revisions ready before the start of the semester in August 2018. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 6, 2017 before 12:00 pm (noon) Mountain Time Download and review the program description & calendar before applying. You can download a PDF of the application so you can review the questions in advance, but you must complete the online application to apply. Be sure to discuss your participation in the program with your Department Head.

Calendar of Responsibilities for all Cohort Members

July 9 – August 3, 2018

  1. Participate in pedagogy workshops, and final Showcase event. A detailed schedule and agenda is available to download at TrefnyCenter.mines.edu. The workshops will be more intensive during the first weeks to build the foundation for the course revisions. You are expected to actively participate in all sessions, including PLC meetings during the school year.
  2. Participate in collaborative sessions to review other course designs as well as to both receive and provide feedback to colleagues.
  3. Significantly revise a course. The course revisions may include shifts in learning goals, activities, teaching methods and course delivery, and/or evaluations. The course revisions will be documented and shared.

August 4 – August 10, 2018

  1. Continue to work on course revisions. Trefny Center faculty and the HIVE will be available for support.
  2. Submit refined course revision poster by 5:00 pm August 7, 2018.
  3. Participate in the Engineering Learning Conference and Cohort Poster Session on August 15, 2018.

2018 – 2019 Academic Year

  1. Participate in Observation & Feedback sessions
  2. Participate in monthly Professional Learning Community meetings
  3. Prepare a paper describing revision process that you undertook for your particular course of study, lessons learned, and possibly the outcomes of the revisions. The paper should be of a quality to be submitted to a professional conference or publication. Submit the paper no later than June 30, 2019.

Application PDF Program PDF

2018 Cohort
 First Name  Last Name Department
Abd Arkadan Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Whitney Trainor-Guitton Geophysics
Geoff Brennecka Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Michael Barankin Chemical & Biological Engineering
Chuan Yue Computer Science
Ventzislav Karaivanov Mechanical Engineering
Sebnem Duzgun Mining Engineering
Gerald Bourne Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Nanette Hodge Chemical & Biological Engineering
Dinesh Mehta Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Brandon Dugan  Geophysics
Cynthia Norrgran Chemical & Biological Engineering
Qin Zhu  Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences
Roel Sneider  Geophysics
Jurgen Brune  Mining Engineering
Jay Straker Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences
Hendratta Ali Werth College of STEM
2017 Cohort
 First Name  Last Name Department
Mark Eberhart Chemisty
Ray Zhang Mechanical Engineering
Mark Seger Chemistry
Melissa Krebs Chemical & Biological Engineering
Tracy Gardner Chemical & Biological Engineering
Becky Lafrancois Economics and Business
Angie Sower Chemistry
Marcelo Simoes Electrical Engineering
Anthony Petrella Mechanical Engineering
Alexei Milkov Geology and Geological Engineering
Jeramy Zimmerman Physics
Vibhuti Dave Electrical Engineering
Mansur Ermila Petroleum Engineering
Eunhye Kim Mining Engineering
Rosmer Brito Petroleum Engineering
Ashlyn Munson Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Ugur Ozbay Mining Engineering
Gabriel Walton Geology and Geological Engineering
Jamal Rostami Mining Engineering
Ahmadreza  Hedayat Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rennie  Kaunda Mining Engineering
2016  Cohort
 First Name  Last Name Department
Yosef Allam EPICS
Linda Battalora Petroleum Engineering
Melanie  Brandt LAIS
Kristine Callan Physics
Debra Carney Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Allison Caster Chemistry
Stephanie Claussen EECS
Agata Dean Applied Mathematics and Statistics
 Jered Dean Mechanical Engineering
Steven DeCaluwe Mechanical Engineering
Holly Ecklund Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Renee Falconer Chemistry
Elizabeth  Holley Mining Engineering
Joseph Horan LAIS
Scott Houser Economics and Business
Derrick Hudson LAIS
Mark Kuchta Kuchta Mining Engineering
Mirna Mattjik EPICS
Mike Mikucki Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Rachel Morrish Chemical and Biological Engineering
Mike Nicholas Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Jeffery Paone EECS
John Persichetti Chemical and Biological Engineering
Jason Porter Mechanical Engineering
C. Josh Ramey Chemical and Biological Engineering
Greg Rulifson LAIS
Susanta Sarkar Physics
Rebecca Swanson Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Eric Toberer Physics