0There are multiple ways to learn about Canvas at the Trefny Center. 

Weekly Office Hours
Every Friday we offer Canvas Office Hours from 11am - 1pm at the Trefny Center - Alderson Hall 268.  Bring your digital device, and stop on by for on-site help with your Canvas needs.  No appointment necessary!

Canvas 101 Face to Face Workshops
The Canvas 101 workshop will start by providing a basic overview of how Canvas is structured. Once you have your bearings, we can begin to think through how to organize your materials and utilize the tools within Canvas. The final portion of the workshop entails working together to build out your course in Canvas. Bring your laptop. Refreshments will be provided.

If you want to see the content of this workshop in advance, here is the Canvas Workshop 101 handout.

​Sign up for May 5, 8-11am, SC Ballroom E

Sign up for May 17, 10am-1pm, SC Ballroom E

Sign up for May 23, 10am-1pm, SC Ballroom E

Sign up for June 6, 1-4pm, SC Ballroom D & E

Sign up for June 19, 9am-12pm, SC Ballroom D & E

Sign up for July 6, 1-4pm, Marquez 108

Sign up for July 19, 1-4pm, TBD

Sign up for July 24, 9am-12pm, SC Ballroom D & E

Signup for August 8, 9am-12pm, Marquez 108

Signup for August 15, 1-4pm, TBD

​Signup for August 16, 9am-12pm, TBD

Getting Smarter About Canvas Webinar Series
The Getting Smarter About Canvas sessions are hour-long webinars hosted by Canvas. We meet as a group to learn about more specific tools of Canvas and how to apply them. A laptop is not necessary for this training, since it is projected onto the large screen. All you need to bring is you willingness to learn.

Sign up for April 19, 1:15-2:45pm, MZ231, Exploring Canvas Commons

Sign up for April 27, 2:15-3:45pm, MZ231, Exploring Canvas Commons
Sign up for May 1, 11:45am-1:15pm, SC Ballroom E, Gradebook & SpeedGrader
Sign up for May 12, 9:15am -10:45am, MZ108, Gradebook & SpeedGrader

Early Adopters
We have identified ~20 volunteers to participate in extensive web-based Canvas training, to serve as leaders and early adopters across campus.   Look to see who is a Canvas leader in your department:

Kathleen Feighny
Melanie Barnhart
Brenda Chergo
Ye Li
Michele Darveau
Deb Carney
Renne Falconer
Jenifer Blacklock
Jered Dean
Sarah Hitt
Yosef Alam
Mirna Mattjik
Leslie Light
Susan Reynolds
Vibhuti Dave
Melanie Brandt
Becky Lafrancois
Barb O'Kane
Colin Terry
Derek Morgan
Becca Flintoff
Brent Waller

Jean Manning-Cleark
Amanda Jameer
Timeri Tolnay
Sam Spiegel

Tara Gilboa
Susannah Simmons