Welcome to the new weekly Trefny Center Strategies and Resources announcement. Each week we will be sending out “just in time” strategies you may want to try out in your remote courses during that week. After reviewing these strategies, please feel free to reach out to us with questions or to talk through additional ideas. 

Strategies to Implement This Week 

  1. Provide a clear starting point for your students so they know how to navigate your course. 

Recommendation: Use a course homepage and provide your contact information so it’s the first thing students see when navigating to your course.  

  1. Determine a logical way to organize your course materials and assignments. 

Recommendation: Update your course syllabus with important information about your course, interactions in the remote environment, assignments, due dates, etc. Use the syllabus template as a starting point and then add it to the Syllabus tab in Canvas. 

Recommendation: Use modules to organize your materials (discussionsquizzes/examsassignment, handouts) in Canvas so your students know what is due each week and how to find it.  

  1. Develop a communication plan for providing important information to your students throughout the term.  

Recommendation: Set up course announcements ahead of time and delay their posting until they’re needed. 

  1. Determine how your assessments will be designed for the remote environment. 

Recommendation: Review the Quizzes and Tests During Remote Delivery and Options for Putting Your Assessments on Canvas quick start guides for ideas on how to modify your assessments. 

  1. Set up your gradebook in Canvas so students can track their progress. 

Recommendation: Review the Speedgrader and Gradebook in Canvas quick start guide for directions on how to set up your gradebook.  

  1. Check your content to ensure it meets minimum accessibility requirements for students with disabilities. 

Recommendation: Review the Accessibility Tips and Resources quick start guide and Web Accessibility Checklist for support on how to meet minimum accessibility requirements. 

If you are interested in learning more, or you have additional questions, visit the Continuity website or submit a meeting request hereKeep an eye out each week for more information and tips. 


The Trefny Center Team