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Course Syllabus Template

Special Notes on Syllabus

Discrimination, Harassment, and Title IX (Aug 2022 Update):

All learning opportunities at Mines, including this course, require an environment that allows each student to be able to learn without fear of discrimination or harassment based on any protected class. Mines’ core values of respect, diversity, compassion, and collaboration will be honored in this course, and the standards in this class are the same as those expected in any professional work environment. (More information can be found here.) Discrimination or harassment of any type, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, are prohibited under the Policy Prohibiting Unlawful Discrimination and the Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Interpersonal Violence. As a participant in this course, we expect you to respect your instructor and your classmates. As your instructor, it is my responsibility to foster a learning environment that supports diversity of thoughts, perspectives and experiences, and honors your identities.  To help accomplish this:

  1. Course rosters are provided to the instructor with the student’s legal name. I will honor your request to address you by a preferred name and I will use your identified pronouns. Please advise me of this preference early in the semester so that I may make appropriate changes to my records.
  2. If something is said or done in this course (by anyone, including myself) that made you or others feel uncomfortable, or if your performance in the course is being impacted by your experiences outside of the course, please report it to me (if you are comfortable doing so), to the https://www.mines.edu/institutional-equity-title-ix/reporting/, and to https://www.mines.edu/institutional-equity-title-ix/submit-report/ (an anonymous option).

In this course, we will cultivate a community that supports survivors, prevents interpersonal violence, and promotes a harassment free environment. Title IX and Colorado State law protects individuals from discrimination based on sex and gender in educational programs and activities. Mines takes this obligation seriously and is committed to providing a campus community free from gender and sex-based discrimination. Discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, is prohibited and will not be tolerated within the Mines campus community. If these issues have affected you or someone you know, you can access the appropriate resources here: http://www.mines.edu/title-ix/. You can also contact the Mines Title IX Coordinator, Carole Goddard, at 303.273.3260 or titleix@mines.edu for more information. It’s on us, all of the Mines community, to engineer a culture of respect.

Center for Academic Services and Advising (CASA) (Aug. 2022 Update):

CASA (https://www.mines.edu/casa) provides a variety of services to support students during their time at Mines.

Academic Advising: All students are advised by Academic Advising Coordinators in CASA throughout their undergraduate studies at Mines.

Academic Support Services: CASA offers a wide variety of support services designed to assist students throughout their undergraduate degree. Examples include pre-finals workshops, major exploration events, and the specific support services listed below.

  • Tutoring: Tutoring services are offered for all core curriculum courses and many major courses by peers. Tutoring is offered Sunday through Thursday in CASA (Aspen Hall), the Library, and via zoom.
  • Core Review Sessions: Core Review Sessions are group review sessions held by a peer facilitator before common core course exams. Peer facilitators also host regular office hours for more individualized     assistance.
  • Academic Coaching: Students can work with CASA Advisors to develop the skills and technique of studying well in college, such as test-prep and cognitive learning development, in a one-on-one setting.
  • Faculty in CASA: Faculty from various departments host their regular office hours in CASA. Students are encouraged to utilize these professors for assistance with material and/or questions on course planning.