Several available. Follow link to more information!

​Noyce Internships

Want to get paid to give teaching a try? Apply for a Noyce Internship along with signing up for EDFE 170 (Early Field Experience, 1-3 credits) and get paid for the hours you spend in the field. Applications for Spring 2018 are available in DiggerNet (ID: 59132) with a priority deadline of November 6th.

Student Club

The Teacher Education Alliance (TEA) is a forum for discussion of any education related issues, not just high school or middle school teaching. Stay tuned for Fall 2017 semester meeting times!


Looking for a place to study on campus? If you are a TEAM-UP student, you can get Blaster Card Access to the TEAM-UP House located at 1706 Illinois Street.

Knowles Science Teaching Fellowship (KSTF)

KSTF is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing new math and science teachers with professional development, resources and support to improve education in our schools. This fellowship is intended for math and/or science teachers entering their first or second year as teacher of record during the 2018–2019 academic year. The application deadline for 2018 Teaching Fellowship is Nov. 26, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. PST.Go to for more information.

SUMMET/SAFE Teaching Internship

​We are seeking to hire a group of paid Interns who will work together to develop and deliver curriculum for two different academic summer programs: 1) Summer Multicultural Engineering Training Program (SUMMET, for high school students, and 2) Summer Academic-Focused Education (SAFE, for middle school students). Each of these programs will be active, project-based design experiences with an end goal. The end goal drives the motivation for and engagement in subjects such as trigonometry, calculus, chemistry, geology, computer science, or physics, along with basic to advanced engineering concepts. The overall mission of these programs are to spark interest in STEM in underrepresented groups, empower students to pursue their passions and see STEM as a possible career choice, and demonstrate that they belong and can succeed at a competitive college like Mines.

During the spring, the Interns will work about 5 hours per week to research and develop the curriculum. They will meet once every two weeks with faculty coaches to learn about pedagogy and get feedback on the curriculum they are designing. In the summer, the Interns will have 8-10 total weeks of full time work to finish preparing the curriculum, run the programs (6 weeks of actual teaching), and reflect on lessons learned. Coaches will also be available during this time, but the Interns are primarily in charge

Enthusiasm is required, but prior teaching experience is not! Application details will be announced in November 2017

Opportunities for students

TEAM-UP is proud to be a 
NSF Noyce Capacity Building Program, NSF Noyce Phase I Project Site, PhysTEC Comprehensive Site, and 100Kin10 Partner

Generation Teach

If you are looking for summer teaching opportunities, consider applying to Generation Teach! They place students in Denver and Boston. Several TEAM-UP students have taught in this program and had excellent experiences. Priority deadlines for Summer 2018 have not been announced yet. Go to for more information.

​Summer Research Experience in Education Research

In recent summers, there have been several opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in Educational Research REUs. We’ll post them here as they are announced. Go to for more information.


​We wanted to remind you that if you have any questions or are in need of advice, we are happy to meet with you to talk about the program and your individual goals. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Kristine Callan at​