Pedagogy Learning Lab

Deb Carney has been teaching a flipped version of Calculus II for the past year.  During her third implementation of this flipped course model, we invite you to attend and participate in a Pedagogy Learning Lab, to observe one of her classes in action, and learn alongside Deb and with your colleagues about ways to best support student learning.

This professional learning opportunity is open to any Mines faculty members who are thinking about ways to further engage their students through active learning, or who have a curiosity or interest in flipped instruction.

The purpose of this Pedagogy Learning Lab is not to learn from Deb, but rather alongside her, as she models her instructional efforts, and gives us one concrete classroom experience to think about and discuss. You’ll be guided to take specific observation notes about what you see and hear in the classroom, and you’ll share your noticings, hear what others noticed, and unpack important questions related to how students learn best.  

You can expect to leave the session with new collegial connections, and a deeper understanding of how to continue to support the success of all students.

Date, Time and Location to be Determined (likely late Fall semester).

Contact Dr. Spiegel ( for more information.

Lunch will be provided.