Online learning experience designer - on campus interviews

Come learn from the Online Learning Experience Designer on campus interviews!

Each candidate will lead a learning session for up to 20 faculty members, in which they introduce an online learning strategy, methodology, tool, app, or something else that can help faculty effectively design or facilitate online learning experiences for students.

All meetings will take place in the Student Center, Avery Room, from 9:00-10:00 am.
Please bring a digital device to the meeting.

Wednesday, August 23 - Mrs. Kristin Kipp

Communication Strategies for Today's Students
(And the Tech to Make It Happen)

Today's students can't remember a world without texting, Facebook, and smart phones. Their digital worlds are complex and an integral part of who they are, both in and out of the classroom. In this session, we'll explore the preferences of digital natives when it comes to communication and also explore some key tools that can make that communication easier including Google Voice, Remind, and YouCanBook.Me.

Monday, August 28 - Ms. Lainie Hoffman and the Online Discussion

Looking to increase the level of scholarly online discussion in your courses? Let’s explore the web-based tool and its potential applications for engaging students and building class rapport. Be prepared to jump in by signing up for a account before we meet: