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Engineering Learning

Mines has adopted the Engineering Learning Framework to guide the design and implementation of learning experiences. Before you start classes, you may want to familiarize yourself with the framework to guide your teaching process. At this stage, pay particular attention to the initial “Articulate” phase. Think deeply about the purpose of your course and how it fits into a student program. And consider your role – what do YOU bring to the course that students can’t get anywhere else? Articulating your course purpose, context, and added value influences your design decisions and can make the rest of your design process much more efficient. Click the graphic for more information about the framework and its use.

Learning Outcomes

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Effective Teaching
Effective Teaching Page
Teaching Practices Inventory (Weiman & Gilbert, 2014)
Classroom Assessment Techniques (Amazon link)
Early Course Feedback
Early course feedback (ECF) is an excellent way to receive feedback on your course from students. Process: First, schedule a 30 min. pre-meeting to discuss the course and any specific aspects that you would like feedback about. Second, find a 15–20 minute period during one of your classes for a Trefny colleague to anonymously solicit general and targeted feedback from your students. Third, meet with your Trefny colleague to review the feedback, suggestions, and resources. The Trefny Center offers a limited number of ECFs each semester, so reserve your spot soon!
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Engineering and Facilitating Online Learning
We offer a paced, asynchronous online course entitled Engineering and Facilitating Online Learning (EFOL) for you to experience online learning from the perspective of a learner as you work through your initial course design aspects. This five-week online course for faculty is intended to support the development of the highest-quality online courses. Completion of this course is required before building or teaching an online course at Mines in order to meet our regional accreditation regulations.
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