What is LLC?

New for Fall 2020, ITS designed an installed Live Lecture Capture in most classrooms for teaching faculty to broadcast and record live classes. LLC is an integrated system combining the teaching podium, the A/V system, new classroom microphones, and document/whiteboard cameras, to help you live-stream and record teaching sessions via Zoom. Remote students can join these sessions live via Zoom and you can record and share the sessions with your classes for post-review.


Visit the ITS Live Lecture Capture Guide

Additional ITS Support:

LLC Tips and Tricks from Mines professors

Modified podium setup

Jürgen Brune, Mining Engineering

Students attending synchronously in-person and remote.


  1. iPad to present Powerpoint on Zoom. Audio using Apple AirPods Pro.  Students can see me via the iPad camera.
  2. Classroom podium PC joined Zoom as secondary, presenting shared PPT image via classroom projectors.  Classroom microphone remains muted to prevent acoustic feedback.
  3. I record each session in Zoom and share the link on Canvas after class.


Presenting from the iPad is great because it permits me to do ad-hoc illustrations on-screen with Apple Pencil.  I can occasionally slip in a blank slide to allow extra drawing space. I can preserve the illustrations with the PPT but generally choose not to.  Students will, of course, have the illustrations available for review in the Zoom recording.

This setup works well in most situations.  Only difficulty is sharing the audio from video playback.  If I show videos with audio, i will need to switch presentation to the classroom PC and present  from the podium, with room speakers on. I have experienced the occasional difficulties with the podium PC speakers – that requires some fiddling at times.  But, most of my videos don’t require audio and I can narrate them myself.