Open Formative Assessment Course
Open Course: Canvas 101
​Canvas 101 for Building Courses
Do you want to learn the basics of building a Canvas course at your own pace? In this learning module, you will review the basic structure of Canvas, think through how to organize course materials, learn how to import files from Blackboard, and practice these new skills in a sandbox course. Upon completion of Canvas 101, you will earn a Canvas Novice badge to keep in Canvas or share on LinkedIn or Facebook. 

Learning Outcomes
In this learning module you will examine Bloom’s Taxonomy, Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Indicators, and Wiggins and McTighe’s Understanding by Design to understand why student learning outcomes are an essential component of course design. We will analyze some well-written student learning outcomes, and some poorly written outcomes. You will revise or create appropriate student learning outcomes for your course(s) of study.

This learning module will help you revise or write for the first time a student-centered syllabus that emphasizes Mines expectations for student engagement and active learning.

Formative Assessment
This learning module will help you learn specific formative assessment techniques that will help you assess whether or not students have learned what you’ve intended, as well as make decisions about how to alter upcoming instruction as a result of student learning.

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