tool to enhance how teaching is transmitted and how great the interaction could be between faculty and the students. I can help in any project you have in mind using the cool tools the Trefny Center provides.

Niall Miner

Major: Computer Science, 2018
Specialties: Video Design and Website Development
About Me: I'm a senior here at Mines with a passion for technology and art. I enjoy bridging the gap between engineering and creativity, 

The Trefny Innovative Instruction (I²) Center employs a team of students who help create instructional videos, graphics, slides, and a variety of instructional resources for faculty on campus.  We have a flexible video suite along with portable equipment that can be used to capture, edit, and post video and other digital resources for faculty.
​Here's a link to our schedule: 

Lead Instructional Media Developers


happy to provide any help to make your videos the best they can be.

creation. I would be happy to help you with any multimedia projects.

Brett Probst

Major: MME, 2019
Specialties: Audio Editing and Recording
About Me: I am a junior student in metallurgical & materials engineering with a passion for audio editing and recording. I enjoy the technical side of art

music and the outdoors. The Trefny Center allows us to engage our creative sides through multimedia and transform the regime of a Mines education. I am happy to help with anything that comes my way. 

Major: Electrical Engineering, 2019, Minor: Computer Science
Specialities: Video Design and Production
About Me: I'm a junior interested in computer systems design and the learning process. I  

impact that technology has had on education has been tremendous and

I look forward to helping classes and professors bring about positive changes to the learning process.

Brian Yoon

Major: Computer Science, 2018, 

Specialties: Video Design & Editing,  Graphics


About Me: ​​I'm a senior interested in discovering

the implications engineering has on society 

through art, literature, and popular culture. The

in helping others spread their knowledge through technology. I am more than willing to help any student or teacher get their ideas and knowledge out to more people through technology at the Trefny Center. 

Helping to develop Instructional resources, Video, and Educational Media

dante Ramirez

Major: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, 2021
Minor: Military Science
Specialties: Video Editing

About Me: I am a sophomore at Mines studying

petroleum engineering and have interests in film, 

always find the research about how people learn fascinating and I enjoy working beforehand to storyboard and organize ideas to make sure production flows smoothly and the final product is an effective teaching tool. I am well organized and would be happy to work with you on developing any media based project you had in mind.


Mariah Papac

Major: Environmental Engineering, 2020
Minor: Electrical Engineering​
Specialties: Video Editing

About Me: ​I am a sophomore at Mines in the 

Environmental engineering program. I am interested

oscar hathaway

Major: Engineering Physics, 2019
Specialties: Video Design and Editing
About Me: I'm a junior student with a passion for filmmaking, and I'm eager to expand my skills via video editing. My experience is in professional commercials, and I'm more than 

which is why I like computer science so much. I've been educated in cinematography and am currently in my computer science courses, so I'd be happy to help with anything you see fit!

How-To Videos

Juan Hurtado

Major: Petroleum Engineering, 2017
Specialties: Video Editing
About Me: I'm a graduate student interested in improving the learning experience here at Mines. I’ve always believed that technology should be a 


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