Submissions are due by the end of the day on May 11, 2017. 
Notification of acceptance will be sent via email no later than June 1, 2017.

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Engineering and Learning Mini Conference

We are excited to announce the first Mines Engineering Learning Mini-Conference. This conference will provide Mines faculty the opportunity to:

  1. share instructional innovations being used on campus
  2. share educational studies being conducted on campus
  3. share problems of practice in an open forum to explore opportunities and learn from others tackling the same issues
  4. learn from others about ways to engineer learning opportunities for Mines’ students

Dates: August 16 and 17, 2017

Join us for engaging opportunities to interact with colleagues, food and refreshments.

We are seeking proposals for 50 minute, interactive presentations. Each presentation should fit within the parameters below. If you have ideas for a session that does not fit one of the formats below, please contact Sam ( to discuss options.

Innovative Practice Sessions are for sharing educational innovations being used on campus. Excellent proposals are well situated in prior teaching and learning literature, and outline an innovation of value and interest to engineering, science, and/or computing educators. These sessions should be engaging, share practices for about 30 minutes, and include about 20 minutes for Q&A, interactivity, and/or structured feedback.

Research to Practice Sessions are for scholarly proposals that outline applications of research related to engineering learning and/or educational innovations. Excellent proposals are well situated in the theoretical framework(s) that support teaching and learning, and apply these theoretical frameworks to the practice of engineering, science, and/or computing education. These sessions should share your research question, approach, and results.  You should also share how your research findings are informing your instructional practices or current thinking. You may share a short paper as part of the session, but a formal paper is not required. These sessions should provide substantive sharing for about 30-40 minutes, with about 10-15 minutes for Q&A, interactivity, and/or structured feedback.

Round Table Discussions are small and intimate opportunities to sit around a table to share and discuss a problem of practice, Engineering Learning opportunities, enhancing the student learning experience at Mines, and to pose interesting questions to discuss with your colleagues. These sessions should outline the topic or question, why this might be of interest to others, and what information might be gathered from the discussion. These discussions will be slated for about 25 minutes at each table.

Panel Sessions are intended to engage participants in multiple perspectives on a given issue related to engineering learning. These are ~50 minutes in length. These sessions intended to have a broader impact on learning and education, be of value and interest to attendees, enhance the knowledge of the session participants, and help attendees engineer learning.

Poster Sessions are for those who have organized their ideas into a coherent poster that can be displayed for others to review. You have the opportunity to stand by the poster to answer questions and interact with your peers as they learn about your efforts.