Before designing or redesigning a course it is important to be able to articulate its purpose and rationale in a few sentences.

Rationale and Purpose of the Course

What is the value and overall purpose of the course? Why this course at this time for the students? How does this course connect to other courses in the program sequence?

Relevance to Students and Field

What should students already know and be able to do related to this course content before taking the course? How will what students learn in this course help them in their further studies at Mines AND in their career? Why should this course be important to the students?

How to Ignite Student Passions

How will this course build on students’ interests and passions? Is it designed for students with specific interests and passions or does it provide opportunities for students to apply and utilize varying passions?

What’s the Added Value

What is the added value for a student to come to your class or to engage with you online and to do the assignments? The added value is beyond what they could get by watching freely available videos, reading a textbook or online materials, or by doing some self-study. In other words, why should they pay and engage in your course?