Are you a female professional at Mines who would like to improve your presentation skills?  Would you like to submit a presentation for a conference proposal this year?  Would you benefit from some support throughout the process?  Then join our EMPOWERED PRESENTATIONS workshop group!


Build a thriving community at Mines to enhance personal and professional goals of members through support, encouragement, inspiration and cooperation while creating a strong professional network of empowered women.

SCHEDULE 2016 - 2017

Session 3: November 2, 11:30 – 1:00
Student Center Ballroom D

Participants will learn technical skills for preparing compelling presentation slides.

Presentation Software Workshop

All members:
    Learn rules for good presentation slides

    Workshop on presentation software

    Giving it a go members invited to

         present & receive feedback.

    Just studying: Listen to presentations

​         and give feedback

Session 7: April 12, 11:30 – 1:00

This session will be a placeholder, in case any of the aforementioned sessions have to be cancelled and pushed back.

Session 6: March 8, 11:30 – 1:00
Participants will reflect upon their learning this year about delivering professional presentations.

Learning Reflections

All members:
    Reflect on what they learned from the 

         EMPOWERED Presentations – share

​         learnings and take-aways.

    Giving it a go members present &

         receive feedback.

Session 4: January 11, 11:30 – 1:00
Participants will learn how to develop a good hook into the beginning of a presentation, and weave it throughout for added effect.

Presentation Practice & Feedback

All members:
    Developing a good hook.

    Giving it a go members present &

         receive feedback.

    Just studying: Listen to presentations and

         give feedback

EMPOWERED Presentations are...
Learning Outcomes

Session 1: Sept 21, 11:30 – 1:00
Student Center Ballroom D

Participants will examine their motivation to commit to Giving it a Go and developing a Professional Presentation this year.

Developing a Plan

All members:
    Review the benefits of developing a                  professional presentation.
    Determine a possible purpose, place &            audience for your presentation. 

    Practice presenting through initial

         icebreaker game.

Session 5: February 8, 11:30 – 1:00
Participants will listen to each others' presentations and provide feedback.

Presentation Practice & Feedback

All members:
    Presentation Reflections

    Giving it a go members present &

         receive feedback.
Just studying: Listen to presentations and
         give feedback

Participants will be able to:
      Identify a potential event for a professional presentation.

      Write and deliver an interesting, engaging, professional presentation.

      Name the qualities of outstanding presentations.
      Establish norms for giving and receiving presentation feedback.
      Utilize technical skills and rules of thumb for preparing 

      compelling presentation slides.

Session 2: October 5, 11:30 – 1:00
Student Center Ballroom D

Participants will develop norms for giving feedback, and study a presentation to unpack what makes it successful.

Study & Practice Presentations

All members:
    Practice presenting through another

         icebreaker game.
    Develop norms for providing 

​        presentation feedback.

    Study a successful presentation and

         unpack what made it successful.

A series of 90-minute brown-bag lunch and learn events designed to support the EMPOWER members to study professional presentations, and have the opportunity to develop, refine, and deliver a professional presentation.

For this series of workshops, there will be two tracks for participants to choose which best suits their professional goals:
        Just studying presentation skills
        Giving it a go: Developing and delivering a presentation

Members of either track are invited to come to each session, and there will be relevant work for each group at each session.  Just Studying folks can attend one, or a few, or all of the sessions.  Giving it a go members should do their best to attend all sessions, in order to have the most support for developing and delivering a professional presentation.