In a 2020 article by Faculty Focus (Links to an external site.) on cheating online, they outline 14 ways to design your course to reduce cheating on online examinations.  From creating questions that require higher level thinking to protecting test questions answers, there are a variety of strategies you can employ when building and offering online examinations. We also provide a couple of additional resources for your review below:  

Resources This Week 

  1. We’ve created two handouts to help you address online examinations in your remote courses:  
  2. Online proctoring through Proctorio can be used in high stakes testing for a limited number of students at Mines. To find out if this is an option for your class, please submit a Help Center ticketLinks to an external site. 
  3. Plagiarism detection on assignments submitted in Canvas can also be used in your course through our Turnitin integration 

If you are interested in learning more, or you have additional questions, visit the Continuity websiteLinks to an external site. or submit a meeting request here (Links to an external site.)Keep an eye out each week for more information and tips.