Gus Greivel

Professor Greivel is a long-standing faculty member of Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department at Mines. He served as Co-Interim Director of CITL to initiate and jump-start the programs. In terms of classroom innovation, Professor Greivel has explored the use of technology, including InkSurvey with Pen-Enabled Mobile Devices, to enhance instruction through real-time formative assessment. He is recognized on campus as a leader in innovative mathematics teaching to engage students and advance their mathematical thinking.

Professor Greivel has both developed new courses and played a significant role in a number of course redevelopments in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, either individually or in 
Patrick Kohl, PhD

Dr. Kohl is a faculty member in the Physics Department at Mines and served as the Co-Interim Director of CITL to initiate and jump-start the programs. He is strongly committed to figuring out the best possible methods for teaching physics and utilizing Studio designs to engage students and to advance rigorous content learning. Dr. Kohl utilizes a research-based approach to iteratively evaluating and improving courses that he teaches. His publications have involved the process of taking a traditional course and transforming it into a Studio mode, gender gaps in both introductory and upper-division physics courses, and use of assessment tools to inform instruction. He has been leading Pedagogy Seminars for Mines for the past several years.

Affiliate Faculty

collaboration.  This includes (i) the creation of an intensive four-week pre-calculus bridge course as well as short-form calculus II and III courses to facilitate the transition of first-generation students and students from underrepresented populations in STEM (as well as transfer students) to the undergraduate engineering curriculum at CSM; (ii) the development of an introduction to proofs course for undergraduate majors in mathematics; (iii) development of computer exercises to support conceptual understanding in the introductory statistics course at CSM; and (iv) the development of a senior-level applied statistical models course that places a heavy emphasis on active learning. 

Professor Greivel has also played a significant role in broader curriculum developments at CSM, leading major revisions of the undergraduate curriculum in Applied Mathematics and Statistics as well as playing an active role in rewriting the institutional core curriculum at CSM.